Tina Turbin Designs | About
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Creating is the essence of Tina’s nature. She loves the outdoors, hiking, animals, organic gardens, and traveling, always increasing the wealth of knowledge that life brings. It is this openness that she brings to every project she undertakes or personal art piece she dives into.

Tina officially retired in January 2023 from her past life to focus on artistic goals, design projects and to be able to do more with her care and passions for nature and the outdoors.

Tina Turbin is a well-known Naturalist Designer and Stylist known for bringing the outdoors in and creating clean lines. In her role as a Designer, Decorator and Stylist, Tina thoroughly enjoys working with a variety of materials and visions to create that unique stand-out outcome.

Tina has had extensive experience in real-estate, investment properties, helping upgrade and prepare properties for the ultimate move-in. Her attention to detail is amazing, and she gives each property that special touch.
Tina also co-manages a thriving unique boutique investment corporation. She is also an investor in Hawaii solar, about 10 restaurants in the USA and abroad, 5 cafes, and a coffee manufacturer. Several which are in the “Top 10 Los Angeles” and award-winning Michelin status or more.

For more information or to get in touch, feel free to contact Tina here.